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Auster Agency is an experiential marketing firm dedicated to increasing brand loyalty and awareness for local and national brands through community activation. We have over 20 years of experience delivering fresh perspectives through unique experiences.

Our Approach
Concept Development
Experiential Marketing
Sponsorship & Fundraising
Media Management
Social Media
Event Production

From initial brainstorming to concept refinement and execution, our team tackles challenges of all shapes, sizes and budgets. We are here to develop an overarching message and ensure that it is integrated throughout your entire campaign.

It all starts with your needs, vision and objectives. We will work with you to determine an innovative marketing strategy that delivers the right message to your target audience in the most compelling and engaging way.

Auster Agency has a talent for bringing people together and the ability to recognize opportunities and partnerships that mesh cohesively.

Auster Agency has mastered the ability to reach and persuade a diverse audience through the utilization of integrated marketing strategies that take full advantage of cutting-edge technologies.

We are experts in sparking a buzz across all social media platforms with your brand in mind. We will build your brand by optimizing content, driving interaction and creating a personalized voice for your company.

Auster Agency delivers one-of-a-kind experiences through a process of conceptualization, execution and evaluation. Our programming approach is informed by quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as the strength of our personalized approach to client satisfaction.

Clients & Partners

American Heart Association

For over 20 years, Auster Agency has been putting brands on the map through the creation of memorable events.

We pride ourselves on our strategic marketing experience, unmatched customer service and the close-knit relationships we create with our partners and clients.

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