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Architects of Brand Experiences


Our proprietary creative workshop is designed to unveil ideas, strategies, and plans through a process of acceleration and collaboration.

We expertly define what your brand stands for, crafting strategies that will emotionally and successfully connect with your audience.

Like any good story, we thread the narrative across all messaging platforms. Auster creates a competitive narrative to amplify your business goals.

Beginning with the initial design concept to crossing the finish line, we seamlessly execute every step of the way.

Go-to-market strategies to launch + reinvigorate communities. At every touchpoint, we create experiences that entice and excite.

By bringing people together and recognizing opportunities, we jump-start mutually beneficial collaborations.

Our magic is in the details and you can count on us to get the job done with excellence. We get you noticed.

We catapult your brand to new heights by optimizing the personalized voice of your company, product, or experience.

We deliver impactful results, engaging diverse audiences and integrating the latest cutting-edge media platforms.

As President and Founder of Auster*, K Sophia has been at the forefront of creative brand design, experiences, and strategic marketing in major urban markets for over 25 years. She has been instrumental in guiding the development and re-invention of premier community and urban planning projects, while also serving as a trusted advisor on the board of numerous start-up, non-profit, and government organizations.

As an entrepreneur, K Sophia’s most passionate and rewarding work is her dedication to mentoring young women and promoting health + wellness projects. In her free time she prioritizes spending time with her family, exercising her golden retriever, and studying all forms of dance.



Let’s Move Ideas, Together.

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